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The Lunar Eclipse: Why People Say You Shouldn’t Charge Your Crystals During an Eclipse

First, let’s take a look at the general metaphysical properties and energies surrounding a full moon and a lunar eclipse, and then let’s take a brief look at the specific energies surrounding last night’s lunar eclipse.

Again, there is some debate about this, and, again, it’s mostly because each individual’s practice is extremely unique and personal, but most sources agree that a full moon is a time of completion, and reaping what you’ve sown. Because the moon begins its waning phase after the full moon, this is also a time of release, to let go of things that are no longer serving you spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Full moon energies are thought to last and affect your life for up to 3 days after the full moon starts to wane.

A full moon is also a perfect time to cleanse and charge your crystals and water with these energies. As it is a time of completion, and the moon is said to be at its strongest during a full moon, it’s thought that if you set your crystals and/or a jar of water out, these items will absorb the energies of the full moon, as well as the astrological energies/influences associated with it.

A lunar eclipse is agreed to be a powerful time of cleansing, release, and allowing that which is hidden to be brought to light. Lunar eclipses are thought to bring our “shadows” into light and illuminate what we need to work on next to continue growing. They are also believed to strengthen the already existing properties of the full moon, bringing about endings to things we no longer need — sometimes chaotically or forcefully. This is said to be an excellent time for shadow work. The energies of a lunar eclipse are believed to last for about 3 months after the event itself has ended.

By this logic alone, it would seem that a lunar eclipse may not be the best time to harvest these energies. Sure, they will be potent. But with that potency will come an energy of chaos and completions that we did not cultivate. This means that we have no idea how these completions will come about, or what areas of our lives they will affect to bring about the changes we are trying to make.

If we delve — even lightly — into astrology, this tells us that this particular full moon and eclipse are in the fixed, Earth sign of Taurus, opposite the sun, which is in the fixed, Water sign of Scorpio. A “fixed” sign essentially means that you are a creature of habit. It can also mean that you can be immovable and stubborn. Taurus is the sign that covers all matters related to the physical and material environment, and also rules income, money, and self-esteem. Scorpio rules matters of death, birth, and transformations, as well as bonding. This full moon and lunar eclipse are all about letting go, especially pent-up emotions and whatever may be holding us back from living the life we want to live. If you want to go even further, look up where Taurus and Scorpio are located in your birth chart, to see what areas of your life these signs affect the most. You may even end up with a clue of what may be purged from your life by the lunar eclipse, and what will be brought to light for you to work on in the coming months.

Part of the aversion to “harvesting” energy during the lunar eclipse, I think, stems from the many superstitions that persist today. A Hindu myth tells that a lunar eclipse is when a demon god named Rahu holds the Sun and the Moon in its mouth. The lunar eclipse, then, is seen as a time of immense negative energy. One superstition says that you should bathe, with your clothes on, in cold water after a lunar eclipse, while yet another states that you should not eat during a lunar eclipse. If you do, then you must fast for three days, or suffer indigestion. Even in Christian belief, an eclipse is sometimes thought of as a sign of an apocalypse.

Honestly, eclipses, especially lunar eclipses, have been seen as a dark omen and as bad luck for centuries. The stories may change as to why, but it seems to have been this way since humankind started writing them down.

As I said in my first post, found here, I don’t ever charge my crystals or water during a lunar eclipse, and I normally do my manifestations during a new moon. My life, much as I love it, tends to get chaotic enough as it is. Any kind of stability I can find, I tend to cling to these days.

Have you ever charged your water or crystals during the lunar eclipse? Or maybe you’ve done a manifestation or two under the blood moon? What was your experience in doing so? Maybe you’ve found everything to be supercharged and more potent during a lunar eclipse?

Let’s discuss!

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